Friends for the Earth is working in synergy with the protagonists of the green economy, creating a solid international alliance with brands committed to environmental sustainability. For this extraordinary reason, the Earth Points we have designed for you are extremely advantageous! We sacrifice part of our revenues to encourage you to do conscious and eco-sustainable choices, because we will all change the world together, one step at a time... this is the challenge of our century!


How does it work

With every purchase you will receive Earth Points for a real value equal to 10% of the purchase (1 Earth Point is worth 1 euro). Our system will automatically credit Earth Points into your account only after the courier has delivered your order. Once you have collected enough, you can turn your Earth Points into a donation for a project to safeguard our planet (to be chosen in the Eco-projects to be funded category). Or you can use them to make or make yourself a fantastic eco-friendly gift by placing them directly in the cashier, before concluding a new order.

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