On a mission for a transition to the Green Economy

Friends for the Earth is a global community, an alliance of brands that represent the same values.
It's the discovery of an accessible eco-sustainable alternative, with innovative materials and concepts. Because our resources matter.
It's a unique experience, spread to all economic sectors, from fashion to food, from home to accessories, etc. We reinvest 50% of our profits every year for the preservation of an historic Italian landscape. The project called "Giardini della Fawara".

This is us, much more than a simple marketplace! Friends for the Earth reinvents consumption as an expression of precious and thoughtful choices, a return to values ​​through modern means.

We believe in sustainable innovation as the purest form of progress: when technology meets purpose, the benefit is vast. We value the bond between people, and enhance the connection between humans, their resources and our common denominator: Earth. Together with our community and partner brands, we stand on a common ground to shape a better tomorrow.