Who are Friends for the Earth members?

Friends for the Earth members are people and companies who are distinguishing themselves for their relentless commitment to becoming more and more eco-sustainable in what they do or produce. We in the Friends for the Earth team feel this great responsibility and put our best attention, also collaborating with industry experts, in evaluating their sustainability process, before being admitted into the community.


How can I return my items?

Friends for the Earth is an intermediary, connecting people and the best sustainable brands. 

For this reason, the item to return is to be shipped back directly to the Brands. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a brand by brand list under the Returns Policy page, stating the relevant information to the return. Make sure to check your brand’s policy to ensure a compliant return. 

To keep your footprint low, please return defective items only: for any other reason, think of a friend that would love your purchase. With a gift, you will avoid extra CO2 emissions and spread the good vibe!

Should you have any further questions or concern, you can contact customercare@friendsfortheearth.com


When will I be refunded?

Once your brand receives and validates your return, they will refund your account. Please take into account that the process of delivery and validation of your return can take up to 30 days. As a company, we incentivise our partner brands to fulfill the reimbursement immediately after validation, to ensure that you always have a great experience.


Where does the shipment leave from and why do I receive separate packages?

Staiy facilitates the connection between conscious brands and its community. For this reason, every sale happens in between the brand and the community member. 

Your package is shipped from the warehouses (or studios) of your chosen brand. For this reason, you will receive different parcels if you order from different brands in the same checkout.

We are working hard to implement a solution that could lower the impact of these separate parcels. We are placing our efforts in merging the parcels at the earliest stage possible and ensure the greenest form of delivery.


What are the delivery times?

Delivery times are comprehended between 3 to 5 working days. If your package did not arrive within this time frame, please contact customercare@friendsfortheearth.com with object DELAY. 

Remember that made-to-order items have a longer delivery time frame, which you can check in your item’s “product description” Made-to-order is among the most sustainable techniques of production as it is a zero-waste practice. It consists in crafting only upon preorder, to ensure that no resources go to waste.


How can I make sure my purchase was made correctly?

When an order is completed you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox.

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order, but only within 2 hours after your purchase, as we have to immediately communicate this to the brand. In this case, please inform us at customercare@friendsfortheearth.com


What Should I do if I receive an incorrect / defective item?

If you receive an incorrect or defective item, please inform us immediately. You will then receive a return label to send back the parcel and then a new item will be shipped out.

How can I contact the customer service department?

Please contact us at customercare@friendsfortheearth.com